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Product Code: The Football Book

The Football Book

Learn to shoot like Suárez and dribble like Messi with The Football Book, the ultimate visual guide to planet football. Revised and updated to include details of all the stats, goal tallies and cup wins so you can now relive the excitement of the Brazil 2014 World Cup.You'll discover the finest moments of the players, coaches and teams who have created football history and learn everything from match highlights to the inside stories on the players, managers and fans.Use The Football Book to find out about the laws, the tactics, the science, and the art of the beautiful game. With a fantastic cover that feels just like a football, it's a great gift for football lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. Specifications: Hardback,189 x 255 mm, 400 pages, ISBN 9780241202333,189 x 255 mm
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