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Product Code: Lomo'Instant Camera Lake Tahoe

Lomo'Instant Camera Lake Tahoe

Features: 3 Shooting Modes To Cover Every Kind Of Instant The Lomo'Instant has an auto flash shooting mode so you can easily shoot fantastic instant photos with flash in the touch of a button. You can also switch to the two manual shooting modes to open up all kinds of experimental shooting possibilities. Flash-On Auto Mode: Using this mode, a sensor on the flash detects the brightness, and the light meter automatically gives off the right amount of flash. The default aperture value is f/16 and the exposure compensation dial can be adjusted. It’s perfect to use anywhere when you’re on the go. Flash-On Manual Mode: This mode is great for shooting indoors. The flash is on and you can switch between N for normal daytime shots and B shutter for long exposures. Flash-Off Manual Mode: This mode is great for long exposures at night. The flash is switched off and you can switch between N for normal daytime shots and B shutter for long exposures at night.Package Includes :Lomo’Instant Camera Lake Tahoe Lens Cap Colored Gel Filters Shooting Technique Cards Instruction ManualTechnical Specifications Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Exposure Area: 42mm x 64mm Shutter Speed: 1/125s / Bulb Exposure Compensation: +2/-2 Exposure Values Ejection Mechanism: Motorized Multiple Exposures: Yes Built-in Flash Guide Number: 9(m) Automatic Flash Output: Yes Battery Supply: 6V (4x AAA batteries) Tripod mount: Yes Cable Release Mount: Yes Aperture: f/8, f/11, f/16, f/22, f/32
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