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Product Code: tintin cars- Haddock’s Convertible

tintin cars- Haddock’s Convertible

Haddock’s Convertible - The 7 Crystal Balls (1948) Enraged by the kidnapping of Professor Calculus, Captain Haddock finds all his energy when the police informs him that a car mechanic has seen the kidnappers' car go towards Saint-Nazaire. Accompanied by Tintin, he sets off in their tracks at the wheel of his beautiful American convertible car. The only car ever owned by Haddock, the Lincoln Zephyr is among the first aerodynamic models of the 1930s. Its elegant curves and fluid shape allow it to roll at high speed. Nicknamed landplane by its creators, this model will revitalize the company Lincoln bought by Ford in 1922 for $ 8 million.
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