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Product Code: Tintin cars - 26. Lancia Aurelia

Tintin cars - 26. Lancia Aurelia

26. Lancia Aurelia The Calculus AffairLancia Aurelia owned by the Italian - "The Calculus Affair" (1956) In Switzerland, Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy are in pursuit of the kidnappers of Calculus. This twisting pursuit stops in a small village where Haddock crosses the main road to the tobacconist's shop. A screeching scream followed by a frightful resounding bang! The Captain has just been hit by a powerful sports car. The racing car in question is a Lancia Aurelia B20 reproduced faithfully by Hergé. This grand touring coupe owes its elegant line to Felice Mario Boano reviewed by the great bodybuilder Pinin Farina. To its racy lines, a powerful V6 engine was added making it a powerful car.The Lancia Aurelia, scale 1/43, from "The Calculus Affair".Captain Haddock gives Mr Arturo Benedetto Giovanni Giuseppe Pietro Arcangelo Alfredo Cartoffoli da Milano a piece of his mind!
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